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Whole Foods Multi-Vitamin

With Probiotics, Mushrooms and Herbs

Vigo Essentials's Whole Food Multi-Vitamins is a complete vitamin supplement made from natural whole foods vs other Multi-Vitamins made from synthetic ingredients. With probiotics, and enzymes and phytonutrients, our Multi-Vitamin is nature's best nutrients to enrich your health.


About Our Vitamin and Supplements Store

Our Story

Our Mission is "invigorating the world through organic, plant-based nutrients."

Vigorganic is a company that believes that wellness is holistic. We believe that balance between three fundamental components are key in providing us total well-being; the body, the mind and the spirit. Good health is generally linked to a state of balance between these three. And true health is a reflection of what’s on the inside. Therefore, we have set out to promote a lifestyle encompassing eight essential natural elements which complimented through our supplement line can help in living a healthful life.

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